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Year 2



Current Year 2 have adopted new names this year. Meet the dynamic team in charge - there are three classes: Bronze class under care of Mrs Bourner, Silver class is led by Mrs Chapman and Gold Class works with Mr Koza who is the Year Group Lead.

Additional adults who work across the year group are: Miss Chohan who joined us this year from the Junior school, Mrs Wilmott and Miss Smith. All the adults are always available and happy to speak to you at the beginning and end of the school day.

Year 2 is an exciting period in your child’s education, as we are maturing and preparing for Key Stage 2 learning. In this year, your child will take part in thrilling learning projects, designed to promote independence, creativity, team work and critical thinking.

 Our curriculum is broadly centred around the ideas of sustainability, ecology and improvement of the planet we live. We learned about pollution of the oceans and prepared fish dishes from scratch to serve in our very own restaurant for our parents to enjoy! We designed and created bird feeders to help the local birds survive the winter. Each term we have an art modelling challenge using recycled materials. We will learn how to take care of ourselves by taking a first aid course. The children will teach these skills to their parents as well. We explore the past, by travelling back in time to the events that shaped the world around us. We learn about the events of Great Fire of London, the life of Florence Nightingale and the Culture of Aboriginal people of Australia. We explore all of our topics through writing, art and drama. In our final topic, we will invent our very own way to solve the problem in our local environment.

We love to celebrate the learning with you as often as possible. Termly, we aim to invite you to school to share our learning and join the fun!

Homework is handed out termly. You and your child can choose from differentiated, enjoyable tasks once per week. Does your strength lie in Maths, writing or are you a bit creative? The choice is yours! Parental engagement and time spent together, really help your child’s educational advancement and creates unforgettable memories. Homework is checked every Tuesday.

We encourage the development of the love for reading. Your child will have the opportunity to get a new book as often as they wish, in order to keep up with their development and interest. Why not make a bed time story a daily routine?

Please sign your child’s contact book every time you read, then we will know that your child is ready for a new book.

Please remember to send back the PE kit every term, so your child doesn’t miss out on their physical education sessions.