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Year 1

Hello and welcome to Year 1! We have three classes: Blue, Purple and Green.

In Blue class you will find Mrs Chapman and Mrs De Jersey, Purple class Miss Albani and Green with Mrs Channon.  We are all available before and after school and are happy to speak to you if you have any concerns or questions.

In Year 1 we strive to encourage the children to be independent, resilient and resourceful learners who thrive in the environment around them. We love to hear all of the wonderful things the children do at home, so please come and tell us or send the children in with a picture. Learning is truly secured if taken into the home!

Teaching children to be resilient and independent is especially important in Year 1 where children begin their journey into the national curriculum.

We have used our learning about the brain, its neurons and how we learn to help all our children to maximise their potential, to be risk takers who are not afraid to make mistakes, as mistakes mean we are learning!

As Thomas Edison said “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”   Edison is one of the significant people we have researched in our People of the Past topic. We all had great fun trying to make a circuit to light a bulb…a true test of resilience!

Speaking of the past we have transported the children even further back, to the Jurassic period, to investigate Dinosaurs. We have linked this learning to Mary Anning a famous fossil hunter from the past and had great fun becoming fossil hunters ourselves. when we were visited by

We always love to make our science as hands on as possible. One of our favourites so far has been our waterproof investigation where we created a waterproof jacket for Halibut Jackson, a character from our English text. The children invited the head teachers to test their coats. The parents really enjoyed watching from the side lines as the ‘volunteers’ were soaked with water pistols. The children then evaluated each jacket for its waterproof qualities…or lack of!

In Year 1 the children have PE twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays with their class teachers and our specialised sport coaches, Mr Thomas and Mr Ballard. So that your children can enjoy these sessions please can you make sure they have a named PE kit and all earrings are removed on these days. PE kit should include white T-shirt, navy shorts and plimsolls. Long hair needs to be tied back (boys and girls!).

Homework is handed out termly. You and your child can choose from enjoyable tasks once per week. The choice is yours! Parental engagement is vital for securing learning, so really help your child’s educational advancement and create unforgettable memories. Homework is checked every Friday.

In Year 1 we encourage children and their families to foster a love for reading. Your child will have the opportunity to get a new book as often as they wish, in order to keep up with their development and interest. Please sign your child’s contact book every time you read, then we will know that your child is ready for a new book.