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Pupil Premium

2018-19 Allocation

  • Featherby Infant School has been allocated £47,520 for its Pupil Premium grant to support disadvantaged children.
  • 18.8% of children qualify for Pupil Premium at Featherby Infants

Featherby Aims 

At Featherby we are striving to close the achievement gap between the most disadvantaged pupils and their peers, both in this school and nationally. Our goal is that each child discovers the enjoyment of learning, gaining the confidence to reach their full potential. Teaching and learning is at the heart of all we do. It is important to us that our children become resilient, resourceful and reflective independent learners. To achieve this they are encouraged to solve problems, develop good communication skills and work as part of a team. We are committed to creating a safe, happy and secure learning environment, and through the rigorous monitoring of attainment and progress we ensure that all pupils receive the best possible learning regardless of socio-economic background.

Barriers to learning

  • Different starting points for some of our pupils
  • Low self esteem that prevent the pupils taking risks and challenging themselves
  • Attendance below the national
  • Poor reading, maths and writing skills (phonics) with the lack of writing skills outweighing the reading and maths
  • Lack of routine (sleep, food, homework) There is also a lack of aspiration which links to a lack of world experience.

Projected Impact

  • To reduce the in-school attainment gap between pupil premium children and non-pupil premium children in reading, writing and maths in all year groups.
  • To identify and track higher attaining Pupil Premium children ensuring they are challenged and reach full potential ensuring a higher percentage of Pupil Premium working at GDS.
  • To increase targeted extended school opportunities for pupil premium pupils through a linked creative curriculum and planned aspirational big outcomes which include families.
  • To reduce the amount of absence for Pupil Premium and reduce the amount of Pupil Premium children who are persistently absent.
  • Ensuring that continuous provision creates independent learners who develop a love of learning.

How will we spend the money?


Brief Details


Booster groups

Booster groups for vulnerable children in Year 2 will help to ensure the gap between PP and Non PP closes further and children begin to exceed ARE.


Lexia licences

To support the teaching of phonics and ensure that children receive the additional support in phonics ready for application into writing.


Subsidised places in Breakfast Club, with additional Breakfast Club places being provided to support attendance at morning interventions

We will continue to subsidise Breakfast Club places for Pupil Premium children as this helps to support the punctuality of these children and ensures that they start the day fully fed.


Financial support for school trips; support for voluntary contributions.

This will enable more children to be able to access school trips.


Beanstalk readers






Trained reading personnel to read and undertake literacy games with selected Pupil premium children to improve reading and comprehension skills and enhance confidence.


Small group and 1:1 support

LSAs have been employed to support children in small groups or 1:1 teaching. 


Drawing and talking – art therapy

The school will offer specifically focussed sessions to vulnerable children to support them with social and emotional difficulties through art therapy and opportunities to talk and draw.


My Concern

Staff will be able to log concerns about individual children on an electronic data base. This will enable DSLs to ensure early help is offered to the most vulnerable families at the earliest possible opportunity.


Developing the school’s leadership structure

A new Assistant Headship group will be in place and one will be Pupil Premium champion. They will monitor progress and attainment of Pupil Premium children and support teachers in planning for their vulnerable groups.


Curriculum Topics with Aspirational ‘Big’ Outcomes


We continue to have highly aspirational meaningful outcomes to learning through a cross curricular approach to learning.  We intend to include families and the local community in impressive outcomes which embed deeper learning and inspire children.


Resourcing the Curriculum 

This will engage all children making learning more accessible.


SALT – speech and language Talisman, sound linkage and rapid phonics schemes

HLTAs to screen and identify PP children who will benefit from SALT interventions.


Lunchtime alternative provision for        vulnerable children.

Vulnerable children, who include a large  PP children, given the opportunity to improve their self esteem and social skills which will equally enhance learnings.


Sensory circuits for vulnerable children – some of whom are Pupil premium.

Opportunities for emotional and vulnerable children to explore and gain confidence for learning


Social group intervention

To enable children to interact effectively with their peers and develop good behaviour for learning


Extra curricular clubs

Pupil Premium children given the opportunity to succeed during lunch and after school clubs.


Staff training

Training arranged and undertaken by staff to increase subject knowledge and teaching techniques to enhance learning for PP pupils and Non PP children


Phonics equipment and resources

Specific materials that enhance the teaching and learning of phonics .


Parent workshops

Leads for Literacy and Numeracy to run parent workshops aimed primarily at PP parents.


Total Expenditure: £47,520

Pupil Premium Impact 2017-2018

Action/ Intervention



1st class@number

Is an interactive programme which children complete over the course of ten weeks, in groups of four-six children. The improvements are measured in months and years

Children have a more positive approach to mathematics in the classroom environment. Progress range this year has been six months to twenty-six months. Staff have an increased confidence with the intervention.



Social, emotional, sensory circuits and handwriting groups. These groups commence at the beginning of the morning and afternoon sessions.


Children are calmer at the start of the morning and afternoon session in a good frame of mind for learning.


Outside Agencies including Speech/language  and OT  =  50 days                                                       


Children with specific needs are catered for during the school day and their learning supported by outside agencies and staff. Specific targets help to support their development and ensure appropriate support in the classroom.


£17, 721

IPC topic  package  and training


Children have an exciting practical curriculum, which can be adapted for all abilities. Children have shown deeper engagement in their learning



Precision Teaching                                              



Small group work has enabled children to close any gaps they may have in their learning.



Staff Training                                                     



Staff have received training in supporting learners with additional needs. There has been training purchased for new interventions, development of the Inclusion team and Mastery maths training.


£13, 115

Specialised Resources                                                         



Resources are vital for specific children to progress in their learning both in school and at home. This included resources to support fine and gross motor skills, handwriting and physical mobility.







Extra activities (choir/sports/recorders)            




Children have had a wider curriculum experience developing skills in the Foundation subjects.



£1, 139

Uniform and School trip discount                                              



Children were able to access more curriculum events and experiences widening their life experiences. Vulnerable families were supported to ensure that children had adequate access to the curriculum.





Total £57,420.00