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Welcome to Featherby Nursery

The Nursery team ... Mrs Long, Mrs Kelly (covers PPA on Weds AM), Mrs Toms, Mrs Gill and Mrs Smith


Thank you for sending me all your fantastic photos of what you have been doing at home during the snowy weather.  Here are a few 'Snowpeople' for you to enjoy.  Can you see yours?  Mrs Long

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Term 2 2017-2018

This term our IPC topic is 'Food'.  We will start with making bread followed by making food for celebrations. 

We will be learning about specific events such as...

  • Bonfire Night
  • Remembrance Sunday
  • Christmas

During the first part of the term, we really hope to be able to take the children to the park, please could parents return their forms so that we can work out whether it will be feasible or not.  Fingers crossed!  There will be Focus Meetings for our children that started in September (details to follow). 

Many thanks for your support!
The Nursery Team

Term 1 2017-2018

On Wednesday 27th September, there will be a Tapestry Workshop for all new parents (Reception and Nursery) in the Nursery hall.  An email has been sent out with details.  We hope you can make it.  All new Tapestry Parent accounts will be activated following the meeting.

Welcome Back 

It has been lovely to catch up with everyone this week and only a couple of tears, so that's brilliant! You may have noticed a male teacher in Nursery. He is called Jack and will be at Featherby Infants until Christmas. He has been with us for the last 3 days but is now going to work with Reception and KS1. I am sure the children will point him out to you if they see him!

Our new children have all now started.  If you see a parent looking lost or sad, please give them a warm Featherby welcome as we all remember what it was like when our child first started at nursery!
Some key groups have changed, if you are not sure who your child's key person is, please ask us and we will point you in the right direction.

If you haven't already done so, please could you upload a photo of your child's family onto Tapestry, so that we can put it on display in the home corner. It helps the children to settle and is a great way to start a conversation with a new friend.

Many thanks for your support

Mrs Long and the nursery team

Term 6

Welcome back! Some important dates and information for you ...

On Friday 16th, we will be having a 'Father's Day Celebration'.

If your child attends in the morning, the time to arrive will be 11am. If your child attends in the afternoon, the time to arrive will be 2.45.


1) Are Mums allowed? Yes
2) Are other male relatives allowed to attend? Yes
3) Can the children go home after the celebration? Yes
4) I have other siblings in the school, will they be brought down at hometime? Yes
5) Are we allowed to film/take photos? For Nursery, no, as we will take photos and upload them onto Tapestry
6) Will my other children in the school be having a Father's Day assembly? Yes, a letter will be coming home

Please bear in mind the space we have in the nursery hall when thinking about the number of relatives to bring for your child. We have 48 children in the morning now!

- Father's Day Cards - If you would like your child to make more than 1 card, please could you let staff know. We will start making the cards on Monday 12th June!

- Our IPC topic this term is 'Transport'. We have started off by exploring Mrs Long's car, we looked at the inside, outside, in the boot and under the bonnet. It will be interesting to see what the children can remember!

- Nursery will not be participating in Sports day but instead, on Tuesday 27th June, we are inviting all children to bring in a wheeled vehicle such as a bike or scooter as we will be using the Reception garden to ride round on them during the session. We are happy to help the children put on a helmet if you are able to supply one.

- You will soon receive Transition arrangements for children moving into Reception and we have already started this in nursery by visiting the ICT suite and making pictures on the computer. We found two things tricky - getting onto the chairs and having to use a mouse instead of our finger to produce marks on the screen!
As always, if you have any questions, please speak to a member of the team or write it on Tapestry and we will get back to you.

Many thanks for your continued support

Mrs Long

School Place Offer

Dear Parents (This letter is also on 'Tapestry')

If your child is starting School in September 2017, Tuesday 18th April is the day you will receive an offer of a place at a school (if you applied before the January deadline). We hope that you are all pleased with the offer you receive! If you need to appeal or need any help or advice, please talk to a member of the nursery team who will be happy to signpost you.

As we will not be at Nursery on Tuesday, please could you put a note on 'Tapestry' (Click on 'Add Observation'), to let us know your outcome ie) did you get the place you were hoping for and what is the name of the School you have been offered? We are as excited to know as you are!

Also, just a gentle reminder - please could your child can bring in some 'environmental print' ie) packaging from something your child recognises the logo of - 'Tesco' 'Peppa Pig' and if this is not possible, a photo or photos of your child with the packaging/logo would be just as great, as we can put these on display in the nursery too.

Thank you all for the great 'Sunflower Diaries', we are going to make these into books for the children so that they can talk about the changes that have happened.

We will look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 19th April. Judging by all the wonderful photos and comments you have made on Tapestry, you are all having a great holiday, thank you for your support.

Mrs Long

End of Spring Term 2 - Update

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your continued support this term, you have been great with helping us to resource the Garden Centre role play and it was also lovely to see so many of you at the Mother's Day celebration.  We are really enjoying seeing all the photos and videos you have uploaded onto Tapestry and we have managed to use these to help with assessing the children and looking at their next steps.  Please keep it up ;-)

On Friday we will say goodbye to Isla (AM child) who has moved to another area and Christopher (PM child) who is moving to another school with his older brother.  It has been a pleasure to have them both in our Nursery and although we will miss them both, we wish them and their families lots of happiness in their new adventures.
Please remember, the Nursery will start back a day later than the rest of the school to enable staff to complete Home Visits with our new children.  Children will start back on Wednesday 19th April.

Our IPC topic in Term 5 will be 'Shopping'.  We would like your child to bring some environmental print in with them into Nursery please, we are going to display them.  What do we mean?  Well, simply, a box or object with a logo that your child is familiar with ie) a Coco-Pops cereal packet, a McDonald's cup, a Tesco carrier bag.  Our focus is very much on reading and we really want the children to realise that reading is part of their everyday life and that they can already read!  If an object such as a box is not possible, then a photo on Tapestry with your child beside it would be great, thank you in advance!

Your child will be bringing a planted sunflower seed home with them.  Please could you help them to look after it and again, if it manages to grow, we would love to see the changes to it on Tapestry.  They do not need to being it back in!

Have a lovely Easter break and we will look forward to seeing you and our new children soon!

The Nursery Team

Spring Term 2 

  • Over the next few week we will be learning about 'Plants and Flowers'.  This unit is part of the Early Years programme of the International Primary Curriculum. 
  • All Nursery parents should now be able to access their child's 'Learning Journey' using Tapestry.  Please upload photos and videos so that we can see what your child enjoys doing when they are not at nursery.  This helps us to plan for your child's interests and next steps.
  • The nursery (and staff) will be joining the rest of the school in celebrating 'World Book Day' by dressing up on Friday 3rd March
  • Please join us for our 'Mother's Day Tea' on Wednesday 22nd March

Thank you for your continue support!

The Nursery Team

Spring 1 2017

  • Our IPC Theme this term is 'Bears'.  Our nursery library books are all about Bears - Fiction and Non-Fiction - come and choose one :-)
  • Our new children are settling in quickly!
  • We will be celebrating The Chinese New Year on Friday 27th January by enjoying a Chinese feast.  Please contact a member of the nursery team if your child has any allergies.
  • There will be a Tapestry Workshop on Thursday 9th February for all parents that have not previously attended.  After the workshop, all remaining parent accounts will be activated.  Whoop Whoop!!  Please scroll to the bottom to download a flyer with all the details
  • Thank you to all parents that have been completing the forms ready for their child's Focus Week - it really helps us to see what you are interested in and what your child does at home and how we can help you.  If you have mislaid the form, if you scroll to the bottom, you can download another copy.

Autumn 2 2016-2017

Our IPC Theme this term is 'Food'.  We have already found out about Diwali, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day. 

This week has seen the introduction of our Mud Kitchen!  The rain has really helped the children learn about texture and consistency.  Some children have observed whereas others 'dived' in!  The children have been learning how to put on the 'mud clothes' (protective clothing) and wash their hands when they have finished playing.  Photos will be added soon!


Please scroll down to view further information about Parent access to Tapestry.

Autumn 1 2016-2017

New Arrivals

Our new children are starting to join us, if you see any new faces (parent or child), please make them feel welcome.  A smile means so much, especially in those early few weeks! Our existing children are helping our new children, they are being extremely helpful and are showing how caring they are, we are so proud of them!

International Primary Curriculum

We are currently learning through the International Primary Curriculum themes - 'Ourselves' and 'Sand and Water'. 
The huge sand pit in the garden is always full of young explorers, they are getting so fast at taking their shoes and socks off and putting them back on independently! 

Thank you also to all the parents that have brought in family photos for the home corner, they have really helped the children to settle.

Mascot Bags

Your child will bring home the Mascot Bag on a regular basis.  It will contain a soft toy, story book and diary.  Have fun with the mascot and if you have time to add any photos, drawings or pictures, please do! We ask that it is returned the following day as the children love hearing about the adventures the soft toy has had and look forward to their turn.

Water Bottles

Your child is welcome to bring a filled water bottle into nursery but please no juice!

WOW Sheets

We value the knowledge you have about your child as it really helps us to plan for your child.  You are their first educator and the more we work together, in partnership, the more focused we can become at taking your child's learning further accurately. 
Please feel free to take a WOW sheet (on the left as you enter the nursery reception area) and add photos and comments.  We will display it on our WOW board and use the information to further our planning.

Come and talk to us

Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please talk to a member of the team.  We look forward to working with you.

The Nursery Team

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