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Life at Featherby Infant and Nurery School Life at Featherby Infant and Nurery School Life at Featherby Infant and Nurery School


Welcome to Jamaica Class!

Hello and welcome to Jamaica Class! We are really proud of what Jamaica Class are achieving! We are settled already! We have learned school rules and we are making friends. It was lovely to visit many of you during the home visits. Please come and talk to myself, Mrs Chapman or Mrs Farley if you wish to ask anything or have a worry.

We have a mascot, called Jamaica Bear, who will be coming home with your child at some point this term. It will help your child to develop his or her language skills.

Mrs Chapman  -  Class Teacher
Mrs Kelly - PPA- Teacher -Thursday PM
Mrs Farley  Class TA

Outside Play

We are using our lovely new outside area  to do things such as retelling stories on the stage and learning as we discover in the new sandpit and watertray.  The children are able to access these areas in all weathers so please remember to make sure your child has suitable clothing ( raincoats and warm coats for colder weather and sunhats and suncream applied in the morning in warmer weather) so they can enjoy the outside all year round. 


PE is on a Tuesday. At the moment we are focussing on core exercises from the BEAM programme and are only removing shoes and socks.When your child will need to have a full PE kit, we will let you know. Please can you also send in a set of named, spare clothes.
To help your child, please encourage them to keep practising those buttons and zips at home and how to turn clothes the right way!Ear rings need to be removed before children come to school or they will not be able to take part in P.E.

Book Change

This will be on Mondays and Thursdays when they are given a book. Thursday is also our day for choosing a library book. Children are reading books which are appropriate for them.

Our topic this term is 'Family and Friends'. Our entry point to the topic was the children helping us to set up the role play area. They have added the family photos to it that you have sent in from home. The children have very much enjoyed talking about their photos. We will also be talking about: how many people live in our house;our pets;the pattern of our day;animal families;our height and we will be learning to recognise and write our names.


Please read books to your child and talk about them. Please look at our parents section of the website for help with phonics (reading and writing) and please help your child to complete their homework. You can write letters in shaving foam ,with paint ...we don't mind how! Let us know your ideas ! Now we have written our names,perhaps you could write names or small words using letters in the homework e.g at,is,in when you are at home. 


Some things we are learning that you could help with are: reciting numbers to ten or over ten if your child can achieve reciting numbers to ten. Matching quantity to numeral eg placing 3  toys under number 3 etc. Naming the basic shapes circle, square,rectangle and triangle and talking about their properties. How many corners do they have? How many sides do they have? You can ask your child to problem solve when sharing amounts of fruit or sweets as well.


Thanks to parents who have used Tapestry,our online learning journal and assessment app. It is very useful to see what your children have been learning at home. We hope you are enjoying looking at it .


We hope to add more things as the year progresses and photos of what we are doing... keep looking!


  • Term 2-Let's Pretend 


  • Term 3-Changes

  • Term 4-Animals

  • Term 5-Treasure


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